Security in the Cloud

The Raconteur Cloud for Business supplement (published by The Sunday Times) categorises the top cloud concerns of IT departments worldwide in its infographic “Trust and Security in the Cloud.”

Biggest Cloud Security Concerns

It’s clear that the benefits of cloud adoption are significant in enabling business transformations, innovations and operational excellence. However, the absence of investment in cloud adoption is down to the lack of knowledge, security concerns and management buy-in. “91% of organisations have security concerns” and the reality is, security risks are the biggest factor holding back cloud adoption.


Advantages of cloud computing:

  • reduced operating costs,
  • flexible scalability to meet changing demands of the business,
  • no capital investment,
  • self-service, location independence,
  • rapid deployment and increased computing power.

The cloud offers great performance and flexibility advantages, but when data travels over the public internet it is put at risk.

What can enterprises do to protect critical data in these cloud environments?

Secure clouds cannot exist without the right security expertise. IT teams need to stay current on evolving cloud technologies, threats and mitigation strategies.

Organisations can deploy additional security mechanisms to manage cloud concerns. In fact, “45% of organisations plan to partner with a managed security services provider” to tap into the expertise, such as those of Cyberseer’s security services for:

  • visibility inside the core of the network,
  • intrusion and detection prevention,
  • behavioural monitoring to flag unusual activities i.e. data movement, inappropriate use of credentials, external access and incident identification.

With so many businesses relying on multiple cloud services, is your organisation equipped to get the full performance and level of security you need for your unique environment?

Enhancing security in the cloud provides a model that is up-to-date, always patched, elastic, scalable and available everywhere. Cyberseer leverages the latest technology to deliver highly secure connectivity to cloud providers.

Get in touch to learn more about how your business can secure cloud connectivity.

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